Monday, February 7, 2011

Model of the Month
February 2011



you can call me: Amelia, please and thank you

bday: October 4th

favorite time of day: dawn

addicted to: animal crackers

crushing on: Jaden Smith

best meal: sushi with ginger

favorite book: the truth about forever by Sarah Dessen

fashion style: preppy lolita

best quality: organized

pet peeve: dirty mirrors.. random i know
best animated movie: Lilo and Stitch
favorite class: earth science

best friend: Soliel

activity of the month: ice skating with my bestie

moment of inspiration: watching the clouds

 what you're doing for black history month: wrote an essay on Michelle Obama, my heroine!

As Soliel would say ... Salut ;)


  1. Cute! :) Those were great pictures! Thank you for all the lovely comments.

  2. I SO agree with Phoebe!! :)