Friday, March 4, 2011

American Girl Doll Transformation!

This is JLY 18. 
She was a complete mess!
... but I saw potential in that beautiful Addy mold.
Her Issues: hair, eyes, eyelashes
Her hair had all of these mini twists that I ended up brushing out.
Her eyes are wonky, one does not cooperate at all.
She had no eyelashes.
What was I to do?
Well let me tell you I had her head sitting on my windowsill for the longest time.
(with the intention of removing her eyes and attempting to straighten them out)
I gave her new eyelashes and eventually cut her some new bangs.
She was looking like a whole new doll but something was missing.
She needed that extra ummph...
so I added pink human hair!

Introducing Anaya!

I dressed her in an adorable crochet sweater and skirt.